The Tweet That Spawned Story Sharing

How It All Started

So the other night I saw a few people from Facebook and Twitter post saying that for every Like, they would share something about themselves. The idea of such a social experiment sounded interesting to me, and I decided I'd do the same thing on my art & writing Twitter, except instead of sharing information about me, I'd share information about my stories, characters, and their world. I figured since it was pretty late at night, perhaps I'd get maybe a half a dozen Likes to prompt sharing, but... my original tweet got far more attention than I ever expected.
I received 64 Likes within the first few hours, which eventually hit 88 Likes! I soon found myself spending the evening sharing art and information. Since Twitter can be a bit of a tricky best to follow, I decided to put my first batch of replies together into a blog so that they can be more easily digested. I hope you enjoy them!

The posts below include a great deal of art that is my own, as well as pieces that were gifts or commissions from a variety of talented artists. Those pieces can seen below on Deviant Art where they can be enjoyed in their full glory.

My Responses

Since the original Tweet has even more Likes now, I'll have to write up a few more facts to share soon! :)