Current Story Status

Over the years I've completed over thirteen unpublished short stories and novellas about my characters and their world, and I'm currently working on a number of entirely new stories which I am intending to publish once they are complete.

All of these stories are set within a shared fantasy/steam-punk universe, and follow an assortment of diverse characters that are very close to my heart. At this point in time, I am working towards completing the premiere novel of what is intended to be an eight book series.


Book One: "The Wolf and the Clockwork Hummingbird" (Novel)


  Vargas spent his childhood immersed in tales of adventures that were a far cry from his parent's modest book shop, but when a visit to the city of Rook ends in tragedy, Vargas and his unlikely allies must uncover what secrets lie in the underbelly of the dangerous and fantastical city of Rook.

Main Characters:


, Turvey, 

Mechanical Hummingbird

, and many more


 Originally written as an unreleased short story, this piece is being rebooted as the first novel in an expanded series. The novel is currently in its first draft of it's fourth version. 

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