World’s First Butterfly Cosplay – Part 1: Sculpting Monarch Brightwing

While I’m usually quite content to separate my full-time work at Blizzard Entertainment with my personal projects, every now and then, the two are bound to overlap!

While numerous people have dressed up as butterflies, how many actual live insects have dressed up to mimic video game characters? In a recent blog series that I posted on the Heroes of the Storm site last week, I went into detail on a unique project that may very well result in the world’s first butterfly cosplay!* I thought that some of you would enjoy hearing more about it here as well. :)

How it all Began…

From the first time I saw Brightwing snacking on Uther’s corpse (you can watch the video here!), I knew that she was a hero I could get behind. The mix of her sugar-sweet personality with just that *touch* of something dark and sinister amused me to no end, and it was a treat to work on her Hero Week blog and Twitter Takeover!

But as soon as I saw her Monarch Brightwing alternative skin, something clicked.

…because by pure happenstance, I actually raise monarch butterflies!

And I wondered… was there a way for me to combine my love of both?

A Plan Takes Shape

In addition to raising monarchs, I also do quite a bit of art and writing in my free time. This personal interest in art is one of the reasons I’m so passionate about sharing the work of our creative community of fan artists, cosplayers, musicians, machinima artists and more. I genuinely love sharing their hard work and ingenuity with other Blizzard players!

In time though, the more I thought about it, the more I thought it would be a fun challenge to try and have a live monarch butterfly “cosplay” atop a wingless, scale Monarch Brightwing sculpture, so that the wings of the butterfly could act as the “wings” of the resulting sculpture. I talked to some coworkers about this fun and quirky project, and after getting folks like Samwise onboard, it was time to get to work!

The first in-depth blog covers the beginning stages of my Monarch Brightwing sculpture, here!

 There are also some photos of monarchs tossed-in for good measure, and I strongly encourage you to check it out if you’re curious to learn more about monarchs or find out more about how I approach sculptures!

I'd highly recommend checking out the original blogs which are posted directly on Blizzard's website because there are a lot more photos and details about the process there (and with much better formatting)!

World’s First Butterfly Cosplay – Part 1: Sculpting Monarch Brightwing

World’s First Butterfly Cosplay – Part 2: Painting Monarch Brightwing

World’s First Butterfly Cosplay – Part 3: Bringing Monarch Brightwing to Life

If you're interested in finding out more about Heroes of the Storm (the game I work on), you can learn more about this awesome team brawler here on our official site .

Onto World’s First Butterfly Cosplay – Part 2: Painting Monarch Brightwing

As this project was done for work, all photos of Brightwing and my Brightwing sculpture are Copyright Blizzard Entertainment. All standalone monarch photos are copyright Kimberly LeCrone.

* - As far as we know!