Throwback Thursday: The Demon of Bournesbrooke

"The Demon of Bournesbrooke"

 - Completed on July 21st, 2008

"[...] The skeletal creature was at least three times the size of a grown elephant, if not larger, and it smelled like rotting soil left to burn. It steamed and rumbled, shaking loose earth free from its massive, spiked frame as a wet dog might shake itself dry. Framed in bone, the skinless, otherworldly demon resembled something between a bloated crocodile and a double-nostriled bear. Amid the thick, black smoke of the burning ruins, the half-ethereal beast towered and glowed, like something cruelly molten from the inside out. [...]" 

This illustration was based off a scene in a 28-part novella I wrote between 2007 and 2010 that was a few hundred pages long. While the characters have changed since then, I’m still hoping to one day weave the adventure into one of the main books because it felt like some really poignant and interesting stuff.

At the time I painted this, I did a lot of art that was “characters standing around with no background,”  so it became a great excuse to work on my digital painting skill set. One of my goals was to have a more dynamic scene and background than I was often prone to render.

You can watch the video of how it was made here on YouTube:

Art: "The Demon of Bournesbrooke": Digital Painting

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