New Community Management Adventures Ahead

Life's been busy on multiple fronts, and with work being one of them, I recently had the opportunity to create another piece of fun fan art!

New Community Management Adventures Ahead

What's better than working on one awesome


game? Working on TWO awesome Blizzard games!

In addition to supporting

Diablo III

over the coming months, I've also been transitioning over to support the

Heroes of the Storm

team! As part of this announcement, I earlier this year I created the image above using some existing assets from Heroes of the Storm as well as some Photoshop wizardry on a zBrush model Iā€™d created last year featuring my forum avatar.

Fallen Hound - Color Turn-Around - Digital Sculpture Completed on February 28, 2013

This is a better look at this digital sculpture. It is a piece of fan art based on the Fallen Hound from Diablo III, which was also the avatar I went by on the

Diablo III forums

and for the moment go by for

Heroes of the Storm

as well.

I'm INCREDIBLY excited about the months ahead, and I know you guys will be too!