Video Fun-Time! The Blizzard Arcade

While video projects are the sort of thing I do with any frequency these days, I thought it would be fun to share some of the various types of projects I sometimes get involved in, and the various hats I wear for them!

Blizzard Arcade – Snowflake

Sometimes work and pleasure mix, and Blizzard Entertainment recently announced that their StarCraft II Arcade tools were going free, and I got to tap into my film and TV experience and lend a hand with the announcement video!

I had an absolutely BLAST Art Directing this Blizzard Arcade video and hiding all sorts of awesome Blizzardy things all around the sets I dressed! Also: I jammed on so many props, too! It was a ton of fun, and huge congrats to the teams involved for putting it all together! 

If you watch carefully, you'll even get a few quick glimpses of me as well!

If you’re interested in finding out more about the free Arcade, you can do so here in this StarCraft II blog!

Do you have any side projects you enjoy, but that most people don’t know about? I’d love to hear about them!