What Materials do You use for your Traditional Art?

You can find information about my materials as well as walkthroughs on various art pieces in my resources section! For an even more in-depth information about my pieces and processes, consider joining me on Patreon!


What do you use for Digital Art?

  • I work in Adobe's CS 5.5 Production Premium Suite of products, and have a subscription for Photoshop CC as well.
  • I use zBrush for digital sculpting.
  • I use a Intuos Pro Medium alongside a Razer Nostromo (for shortcuts and hotkeys).

Are you available for Commissions?

At this point in time I am currently closed for commissions.


What do you do at BLizzard?

I am currently a Media Artist for Blizzard Entertainment's Cinematics team.

You can find out more about what I do at Blizzard Entertainment by visiting my LinkedIn page. This page includes not only snapshots of some of my recent professional roles, but also links to some of the videos and art I've worked on.

For further information, you can check out a detailed interview I did in 2016 for Diabloii.net: Diablo Fan Art Watch #300: The Art of Kimberly “Vaeflare” LeCrone.