About ME


About Me

My name is  Kymba, and I'm a storyteller and creative soul at heart. By day, I'm a Media Artist on Blizzard Entertainment's Cinematics team, but by night, my boundless passion and creative spark carry over into my personal projects. Over the years, I've worked in the feature film, prime-time television, and video game industries in various roles. I graduated with honors from the University of Southern California from the school of Cinema-Television with a degree in "Cinematic Arts: Production."

I have a lot of diverse interests, and my creative projects often focus on combining my love of art and nature with fantastical elements.


I am especially active on Patreon, and post updates about all manner of projects I'm working on, spanning sculpture, woodworking, real media and digital painting, sketching, molding and casting, tips and tricks, as well as glimpses into my writing process and the lively cast of characters within the series of high fantasy books I'm working on, including the first novel in the series, "The Wolf and the Clockwork Hummingbird."